Our Values

A bear in front of a mountain range

We know you live your values of sustainability and inclusion in your everyday life. At Mesa, it's our job to help you live those values on the trail, too! How do we do this? Through our three value pillars, of course!

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

The vast majority of Mesa's ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. We are proud of our supplier choices, but are always improving to support the planet and its people as best we can.

Promoting Outdoor Inclusivity

We recognize that the outdoors is not a safe or accessible place for many people. We are working to change that through representation, direct support, and standing up for our beliefs.

Protecting Lands

Trail Spice gives back to the land from which we have sourced our flavors. A portion of the revenue from Trail Spice goes to non-profits in Ethiopia and/or the Southwest.


We know that these actions are only a first step for Mesa. As we grow, so, too, will our ability to support these pillars. Learn more about our efforts here.