Find some amazing resources to help you get outside — and feel more comfortable doing so! What, did you think we only provided the food?!

REI: Meal Planning for Backpacking
The Hiking Adventure: Insider Secrets of Backpacking Meal Planning

For Kids

NEEF: Group Games and Activities
CSERC: Kids' Games/Activities
Audubon Society: 6 Kid-Friendly Bird Guides
NFW: Connecting Kids and Nature

Green Habits

Leave No Trace
Lindsay Wildlife Experience: Living with Wildlife

Inclusive Outdoors

Barefoot Theory: 15 Organizations Advancing Diversity Outdoors
Diversify Outdoors: Resources
Unlikely Hikers: Podcast
The Atlantic: Five Ways to Make the Outdoors More Inclusive

Nature Education

Cornell: Merlin Bird App
Cornell: Online Bird Guide
iNaturalist (Learn what's in your area!)
AWayToGarden: Favorite Field Guides

Vegan Backpacking

Fresh Off the Grid: The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Backpacking Food
Veggie Vagabonds
Clever Hiker: Best Freeze-Dried Meals: Vegan & Vegetarian
Outdoor with No Limits: Vegan Backpacking Food Guide


Note that Mesa doesn't explicitly endorse any of these organizations. We simply aim to provide you with resources to learn, as we start to compile our own knowledge to share with you.