Frequently Asked Questions


What is Trail Spice? Trail Spice is a spice & nutrient blend designed for backpacking. Just take a packet of Trail Spice with you on your next outdoor adventure, add it to your meal, and enjoy!

When should I use Trail Spice? Trail Spice is delicious in all situations, but it is specifically designed for trail meals, like when you're backpacking.

How do I prepare Trail Spice? You can just stir Trail Spice into your meal after it's done cooking. If you want to get ~fancy~, add it to the water you're boiling. Check out the videos in this post to see Trail Spice in action.

What meals go best with Trail Spice? We know you'll find your faves over time. Until then, check out our suggestions.

Can I suggest a future flavor? Yes! We're always on the lookout for future Trail Spice flavors. Contact us to let us know what you're thinking.

What if I have allergies? Trail Spice is made with nuts — almonds & walnuts for Tex-Mex, and walnuts for Berbere. Though almonds were kept away from Berbere, Trail Spice was not produced in an allergy-free facility. We cannot guarantee it is free from these or other allergens. Likewise, Trail Spice is gluten-free, but not produced in a gluten-free facility.

Is Trail Spice vegan? Yes! Trail Spice is produced with all vegan ingredients. That said, Trail Spice was not produced in a certified vegan facility.

What if I'm not vegan? That's fine, too! Trail Spice provides great taste and nutrients to vegans and non-vegans, alike.

Is Trail Spice organic and non-GMO? Most ingredients in Trail Spice are organic and non-GMO. See the nutrition labels to learn which ingredients are Certified Organic.

Are the pouches really compostable? Yes! The pouches meet ASTM D6400, EN13432, TUV (Zipper) certifications for industrial composting and are safe for home composting, though results may vary in home compost. Our labels and adhesive are also compostable. Still, pack it out!

What should I do if Trail Spice is too expensive for me? As a small business working hard to be sustainable, we have provided Trail Spice at the best price possible. Still, if you are new to backpacking and uncomfortable with the price, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you!


Where can I ship my order? We ship Trail Spice anywhere in the United States, PO boxes included.

What if I am in New Haven? If you are in New Haven, CT and would like to schedule an in-person order pick-up, please contact us so we can see if it is possible.

Can I return my order? For now, we do not accept product returns. If your product was damaged in transit or you received the wrong order, please reach out to us.

What if my product seems discolored? There will likely be some yellow "discoloration" on the inside of the pouch, especially with Berbere Trail Spice. This is just from the spices and nut oils. No worries! If you are still concerned, please contact us.


How do I further support Mesa? Contact us if you are interested in investing in Mesa Foods.

How do I become a brand ambassador for Mesa? Contact us if you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Mesa. We are particularly excited to hear from you if you identify as someone from a group traditionally underrepresented in the outdoors.



How did Mesa choose which non-profits to support? We searched high and low for the best non-profit organizations to support in Ethiopia and the Southwestern US. Still, please reach out if you have additional suggestions.



What is Tex-Mex? Tex-Mex is a Southern/Southwestern US cuisine originating from the Tejano people of Texas/northern Mexico.

What is Berbere? Berbere is a spice mixture key to Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes. Berbere means hot or pepper.

What is the animal on the back of my Tex-Mex Trail Spice? Meet the Collared Peccary! In the US, the collared peccary, or javelina, primarily eats prickly pear cacti. In the southern part of its range, its diet is more varied. Are you more similar to a northern or southern peccary?

What is the animal on the back of my Berbere Trail Spice? Meet the endangered Walia Ibex! This ibex lives life on the edge (of cliffs in Ethiopia!). By daring to try this hot Trail Spice, you know a bit what that's like!